4 Awesome & fun things to do when creativity eludes you

4 Awesome & fun things to do when creativity eludes you

Even if you generally consider yourself a creative person, we all have that dry spell from time to time when even Nicki Minaj’s finest, “Stupid Hoe” sounds nothing short of a Wordsworthian masterpiece to us.

Whilst there are all sorts of advice online from pundits on how to get the creative juices flowing like blood from a hemophiliac, they’re mostly unfun and unproven. Samples include starting a “creative calendar”, drawing “30 circles” on paper… Ok. Ok… before you roll your eyes and yell “REALLY?!” at us, we give you some real gems backed by science, and first hand experiences from us, that indeed do work a creative miracle!

1. Drink beer, wine, champagne, pina colada. Or really any of your favorite ALCOHOLIC beverage(s)!

Want Scientific proof?
Scientific studies at University of Illinois, Chicago suggest that at an alcohol level of 0.075% a person produces the most creative thinking! How much is that? Use this handy little tool to find out what makes you reach your peak and crack open that can of Heineken! Or go Don Draper and pour yourself a stiff whiskey cocktail.

Take a creative cue from us!
We’d like to start with a bubbly flute of champagne to get in the zone. Once we’ve ideated to our satisfaction, it's time to see the plan through perfection. That requires focus, efficiency and in short… a shot of thick, strong and rich Turkish Coffee…

And to go with the coffee… a bar of Lindt’s 95% dark chocolate. Ah… culinary er creative bliss…
In short
Cocktail. Coffee. Candy. Repeat.

Help us in our creative quest!
Gift us our favourite champagne here. (The rest we can afford  Smiley  )

Pro Tips:

  1. Once you exceed the prescribed level, alcohol can become counter-creative, so drink responsibly.  Smiley
  2. This hack works wonders if you’re a freelancer/ have your own shop. But you might want to check if your workplace has a pro-alcohol policy before you take the cork off! We want you to be creative. Not fired.

2. Listen to Coldplay, Miles Davis, & Beethoven. Or whatever music you’re familiar with and dig!

Sigh, he just called us a sky full of stars!

Want Scientific Proof?
Studies conducted at McGill University show that listening to your favourite music improves your cognitive functioning and can unlock your creativity to its fullest potential. So get the party started already!

Take a creative cue from us:
We usually start the day with some Beethoven, Miles Davis, Richard Clayderman-Gorgeous, no-lyrics stuff that uplifts you spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Such as this, this and this. After a heavy, sedating lunch, it’s time to switch to something slightly more upbeat to fight the sleep waves. This with a bit of evergreen pop, some good ol’ rock and a dash of EDM. We look to MJ, Coldplay, DMB, GnR and (gasp!) Calvin Harris to inspire us to innovate! Try this, this and this for size.

Help us in our creative quest!We have a theory about this. We believe that watching Coldplay perform live in concert would help us reach the unprecedented creative high we only just dream of right now. Prove us right by getting us tickets here. No need to check for our availability (We’re ALWAYS around for this!)
P.S: Don’t forget to buy flight tickets for the journey!

Pro Tip:

  1. Always remember, one man’s music may be another man’s noise. So wear headphones on your creative exploration and let others enjoy there’s. Unless of course, you like the exact same kind of music.

3. Chill with Grumpy Cat, Marnie the dog, The Oatmeal & Everywhereist. Or whatever your go-to place for the funnies is online.

Want Scientific Proof?
Studies show that laughter improves your creativity, concentration and even memory! Research at Stanford University highlights that even indulging in humour is a creative exercise. One that engages and stimulates your entire brain. So what are you waiting for? Get a load of the latest from your favourite memes! Come back to work in a few minutes refreshed, relaxed and ready to be super-creative!

Take a creative cue from us:
When we’re stressed at work or need that sudden burst of inspiration, instead of overthinking and overanalyzing, we just take a couple of minutes off to see how our favourite blogger has lately put her mad wit, wonderful humour and wordplay skills to the best use. Or how our favourite internet animals have been up to no good! It’s hard to not be funnier, wittier, warmer and more creative after reading something like this. Or this.

Help us in our creative quest!
Fortunately, this is one area where we can totally help ourselves  Smiley

Pro Tips:

  1. It is easy to get carried away with humour online. Go in for a few minutes of laugh and suddenly you could find that it’s time for lunch and all you did was watch cat videos all morning! A 10 minute timer works wonders in knowing when its time to stop watching and start working again  Smiley

4. Meditate using FUN ways

We know you’re going to complain about how unfun, uncomfortable and hard meditation is. We know because we did too. Until we became receptive to making it a daily part of our lives and saw the miracles unfold firsthand. So we researched on ways it can be made easier and surprise(!) even fun. But first, let’s make way for what science has to say.

Want Scientific Proof?
Research conducted by cognitive psychologists at Leiden University proves that less than half an hour of meditating improves divergent thinking, creativity and concentration. Even in people who’ve never meditated before! Ever!

Take a creative cue from us:
Some of us meditate at our our balcony, our backyard, or even our bedroom as soon as we wake up. Just set the timer for 2-10 minutes and simply focus on breathing. The idea is to enjoy ourselves without imposing a stipulated time frame on us. To not rush it. If you do the same in due course of time, you’ll see yourself focusing without your mind wandering off.
Just soak in the serenity of your favourite surroundings and… breathe. And when we find ourselves facing a creative vacuum at work. We sit out at our office staircase landing amidst the chirping of birds and light breeze and just breathe in… breathe out. Even 5 minutes of this works wonders for us!

Help us in our creative quest!
Send us on an all-expenses paid trip to Bora Bora where we can meditate by the beach and realize our inner yogis. OK, OK, at least Goa? Er, please…

Pro Tips:

  1. It’s natural for your mind to wander initially. Don’t get discouraged and stop. Keep at it and you’ll see that slowly but surely, you’re in control of the inner nomad in your mind.

With these 4 hacks, getting creative is quick, fun, easy and super-effective. Do you have a cool idea for channeling your creativity? Let us know!


A freelance writer turned agency boss, I enjoy the perks of my new-found power by forcing the folks at work to laugh at my jokes, eating everyone’s food, and watching funny animal videos while pretending to be useful. I’ve recently switched from being a chain black-coffee drinker to a mint green tea connoisseur- singularly, the most transformative experience of my life.
If you need a green tea evangelist to help you live healthier, or a megalomaniacal agency-head to build something beautiful for your business, I’m in :)