A checklist for creating interesting viral content

A checklist for creating interesting viral content

Be it videos, blog posts or images - creating content that goes viral is never an easy task. Likewise it is also not easy to predict whether your content will achieve virility. In order to elicit a viral reaction, your content should have a connected emotional reaction among a large audience base. Nevertheless, here’s a checklist of the elements that go into making a viral content.

1. The power of positivity

A Checklist For Creating Interesting Viral Content
Source: http://thinkpositivemag.com/

Never underestimate the power of positivity in driving great traffic. Basically, your content should arouse positive feelings rather than negative emotions. When people share a piece of content, they end up not only sharing a story but also the encouraging emotional experience associated with it. Many studies conclude that happiness is the emotional factor that brings about sharing through various social media platforms. Having said so, negative content that arouse rage and apprehension also gets it fair share of eyeballs.

2. Be ready to push

A Checklist For Creating Interesting Viral Content
Source: http://blog.fundinggates.com/

To elicit emotions such as surprise, fear, delight, annoyance or anxiety from your audience, you simply cannot play safe. Your content should push the boundaries of innovation and which is also high on originality.

3. Practicality trumps nonsense

A Checklist For Creating Interesting Viral Content
Source: http://pengetouristboard.co.uk/

Content that is high on practical usefulness has a higher chance of achieving stardom. You’ve got a gripping story and an irresistible headline; do not forget to include handy and actionable takeaways.

4. Simplicity is the buzzword

A Checklist For Creating Interesting Viral Content
Source: https://kissablezebralipsandotherthings.files.wordpress.com/

Having covered the part that talks about creating emotionally-driven content that gives people a sense of satisfaction, let’s now turn our attention to another very important point, which is breakdown of complex information into digestible points. Simple elucidation will definitely make people more inclined towards sharing your content.

5. Add an element of surprise

A Checklist For Creating Interesting Viral Content
Source: http://videoproductiontips.com/

Add an element of surprise to increase engagement. This you could very easily do so with a striking visual. You can never go wrong with funny videos. They always have a high chance of receiving likes, social shares and views.

Whether you decide to share a short video clip or cute pictures of cats and dogs, as long as it offers value to your audience, simply share it with the world.
All in all, with careful planning and understanding of the purpose of your content, it shouldn’t be hard to come up content that is engaging and hopefully viral-worthy. With this checklist in hand, go ahead and create content that is both shareable and engaging. You could add to the list, share with us your views.


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